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We specialize in building customized drum smokers to order. All of our smokers are hand crafted to meet your needs and wants. We are bringing style to backyard barbecue. We partner with trusted manufacturers to provide high quality parts for our smokers. Made in the USA

Our Smokers

Our smokers are built so that pitmasters of any experience can use them. Whether you are a beginning pitmaster or an experienced competition cook, a Champion Drum Smoker will give you a great barbecue experience.

Smoke Fried Lemon Pepper wings

You will get the best of both worlds with that awesome smoke taste with the crunch of fried from the deep fryer. Here is my recipe for smoke fried lemon pepper wings.

What customers say


Kevin Hawkins

"I've been cooking on it every weekend. I'm loving it so far!"


Decatur Trav

"The Ribs that I cooked on the smoker were amazing! Some of the best that I've ever made."


Dennis Moreno

"What an awesome job on build and turnaround! Easy to communicate with, blew away my expectations."


Smoker Instructions

Download our Pdf for a few tips and tricks to help you get started with your new smoker.

  • 1Learn how to prepare your drum
  • 2Learn temperatures for various food categories
  • 3Learn tips on cleaning your drum and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Always cook with the lid close. It is ok to have the lid open for a minute or two, but never leave it open. Leaving the lid open can cause your smoker to catch on fire due to all the oxygen hitting the flames.
Absolutely not. Our smokers are designed to run on charcoal. You may add a few chunks of wood on top of your charcoal to add the smoke flavor to your food.
Yes, you can use lump charcoal. However lump charcoal does burn hotter and faster. Just make sure you are following proper lighting instructions.
Our smokers are made using high heat paint and primer. As long as proper care is taken of the smoker your paint will last.
Our smokers are made using high heat paint and primer. As long as proper care is taken of the smoker your paint will last.
You can cancel your order however the deposit is non refundable. Our smokers are custom made for each individual's desires. Please be sure this is an investment you are ready to make. You definitely won't regret it.
Yes! We ship to the 48 contiguous states.and District of Columbia.